Standard Specifications with GS-15013 Revisions

Division 21. Earthwork, Subgrades, and Subbases
Section 2101 Clearing and Grubbing
Section 2102 Roadway and Borrow Excavation
Section 2103 Pre-Splitting and Production Blasting of Rock Slope Cuts
Section 2104 Channel Excavation
Section 2105 Stripping, Salvaging, and Spreading Topsoil
Section 2106 Settlement Plates
Section 2107 Embankments
Section 2108 Overhaul
Section 2109 Natural Subgrade
Section 2110 Soil Aggregate Subbase
Section 2111 Granular Subbase
Section 2112 Wick Drains
Section 2113 Subgrade Stabilization Material
Section 2115 Modified Subbase
Section 2116 Full Depth Reclamation
Section 2120 Fuel Adjustment
Section 2121 Granular Shoulders
Section 2122 Paved Shoulders
Section 2123 Earth Shoulders for Pavements and Bases
Section 2125 Reshaping Ditches
Section 2126 Reclaiming Present Surface Material
Section 2127 Reconstruction of Roadbed
Section 2128 Furnish and Apply Granular Shoulder Material

*Changes made since the previous General Supplemental Specification are indicated by shading.  Previous changes have been incorporated and are no longer called out by shading or strikeout.