Section 2128. Furnish and Apply Granular Shoulder Material


2128.01 Description.

Furnish and apply granular material on the shoulder of an existing road for the purpose of shoulder repair. The quantity and rate will be specified for each site in the contract documents. Furnish the material to the locations shown in the contract documents. The Contracting Authority will prepare the surface, shape the material to the desired cross-section, and compact materials.


2128.02 material and Equipment.


A. Furnish material meeting the requirements of Section 2121 for Type B Granular Shoulders.


B. Use weighing equipment meeting the requirements of Article 2001.07.


C. The contract documents may require the Contractor to use an edge rut spreader that will be furnished by the Contracting Authority. The contract documents may require the Contactor to deposit the material directly into a shouldering machine furnished and operated by the Contracting Authority.


2128.03 construction.


A. Traffic Control

The Contracting Authority will furnish traffic control. All material to be deposited onto a shoulder will be accessible from a closed lane.


B. Staging of Work

Provide the Engineer a minimum of one week notice prior to commencing delivery of materials at a particular site. The hours of delivery, delivery days of the week, delivery requirements, and contact person will be identified in the contract documents. The Contractor will be restricted to a single work site unless otherwise specified in the contract documents.


C. Placement

Spread the material to the width and depth specified in the contract documents. Place granular shoulder material on the subgrade in such manner that no material is deposited on the adjacent pavement surface. If material is inadvertently spilled on the pavement, immediately remove it.


D. Spreading

The Contracting Authority will perform the final spreading of the placed material to the final cross section.


E. Compaction

The Contracting Authority will compact the placed material.


2128.04 Method of Measurement.


A. Measurement for Furnish and Apply Granular Shoulder Material satisfactorily placed will be computed from the weights (mass) of individual truckloads, including moisture in the aggregate at time of delivery.


B. Measurement may be converted from tons to cubic yards (megagrams to cubic meters) or cubic yards to tons (cubic meters to megagrams) with approval of the Engineer. The Engineer will determine the conversion factor.


C. When measurement is by the cubic yard (cubic meter), all loads shall be leveled and corners filled at the loading point. Measurement will be checked at the point of delivery. Deductions will not be made for natural settlement in transit. The tops of end gates on transporting vehicles shall not be lower than the adjacent sides. Weight (mass) measurements shall be taken on the Contractor's weighing equipment according to Article 2001.07. Load vehicles to ensure against loss of material between the scales and the point of delivery. Deduction will not be made for the weight (mass) of moisture naturally occurring in the material.


2128.05 Basis of Payment.


A. Payment for Furnish and Apply Granular Shoulder Material will be the contract unit price per cubic yard or ton (cubic meter or megagram).


B. Payment is full compensation for:

         Furnishing, transporting, and depositing the material on the shoulder according to the contract documents,

         Furnishing all equipment, labor, and materials, and

         Performance of all work necessary to complete the work.