Section  2113.  Subgrade Stabilization Material


2113.01     Description.

Place material to stabilize the subgrade under the pavement at locations specified in the contract documents.


2113.02     Materials.

The type of subgrade stabilization material required will be specified in the contract documents. Use material that meets the requirements of Article 4196.01, B, 5.


2113.03     construction.


A.    Placement.

Place the subgrade stabilization material as shown in the contract documents (typically on subgrade with a specified backfill material placed on top). Overlap subgrade stabilization material sections a minimum of 2 feet (0.6 m) during placement operations. Place backfill material so the material remains in place or is not damaged.


B.    Repair.

In the event of subgrade stabilization material failure or damage during construction:


1.     Remove the damaged portion of material.


2.     Replace the damaged portion with a patch of new material of the same type extending a minimum of 6 feet (2.0 m) in all directions beyond the edge of the failed area.


3.     Replace the backfill material.


2113.04     Method of Measurement.

Subgrade Stabilization Material of the type specified, in square yards (square meters), will be the quantity shown on the contract documents to the nearest square foot (0.1 m2).


2113.05     Basis of Payment.


A.    Payment for the type of Subgrade Stabilization Material specified will be the contract unit price per square yard (square meter).


B.    Payment is full compensation for all work, materials, equipment, and labor necessary to furnish, install, place, repair and maintain the subgrade stabilization material.