This work consists of grading and construction of subgrades and subbases as required for the various types of work in the following sections. Complete the work in conformance with the lines, grades, thicknesses, and typical cross sections shown in the contract documents or as established by the Engineer.


2101.  Clearing and Grubbing.

2102.  Roadway and Borrow Excavation.

2103.  Presplitting and Production Blasting of Rock Slope Cuts.

2104.  Channel Excavation.

2105.  Stripping, Salvaging, and Spreading Topsoil.

2106.  Settlement Plates.

2107.  Embankments.

2108.  Overhaul.

2109.  Natural Subgrade.

2110.  Soil Aggregate Subbase.

2111.  Granular Subbase.

2112.  Wick Drains.

2113.  Subgrade Stabilization Material.

2115.  Modified Subbase.

2116.  Full Depth Reclamation.

2120.  Fuel Adjustment.

2121.  Granular Shoulders.

2122.  Paved Shoulders.

2123.  Earth Shoulders for Pavements and Bases.

2125.  Reshaping Ditches.

2126.  Reclaiming Present Surfacing Material.

2127.  Reconstruction of Roadbed.

2128.  Furnish and Apply Granular Shoulder Material.