Section 2127. Reconstruction of Roadbed


2127.01 Description.


A. Remove the upper portion of an existing roadbed to the depth specified in the contract documents.


B. Store removed material.


C. Recover stored material for reconstruction of roadbed.


2127.02 Materials.



2127.03 Construction.


A. Blading.


1. When indicated in the contract documents, blade road surfacing material into a windrow and reclaim according to the provisions of Section 2126. Store this reclaimed material at locations selected or designated for use as required for later construction. Remove and store the upper portion of existing roadbed (either in excavation or embankment) on the foreslope or at convenient locations adjacent to the work.


2. Lower the roadbed over the entire width from outside edge of shoulder to outside edge of shoulder to the elevation indicated in the contract documents. To the extent possible, place the material removed in this operation in its final location below subgrade elevation and compact as required. Excess material required for later building of shoulders may be stored on the foreslopes or in selected stockpile locations until construction of subgrade, subbase, base, or pavement is completed.


B. Widening.


1. Prior to the placement of material for the widening of embankments, remove all vegetation from the existing foreslope, and roughen or step the foreslope. Vegetation removal and foreslope roughening or stepping may be performed:

         As a complete operation on a given slope, or

         Just prior to placement of the material for a particular lift as the embankment is brought up.


2. Widening Less than 4 Feet (1.2 m).

If the width of the embankment widening at an attained elevation (measured horizontally between the existing foreslope and the proposed foreslope) is less than 4 feet (1.2 m), the widening material may be placed and shaped without specified compaction.


3. Widening 4 Feet (1.2 m) or More.

a. If the width of the embankment widening is 4 feet (1.2 m) or more, step or bench the existing foreslope:

         To the extent that the widening material can be placed in lifts of 8 inch (200 mm) loose thickness, and

         To a width sufficient to permit the operation of placing, leveling, and compaction equipment.

b. Depending the variance between the rate of slope of existing foreslope and the proposed foreslope, this may require compaction of widening material in the bottom nine or ten lifts of an embankment and not require a specified compaction in the top three or four lifts. Compact the materials used in embankment widening where the width is 4 feet (1.2 m) or more as provided in Article 2107.03, L.


C. When required by the contract documents, return reclaimed road surfacing material to the central portion of the roadbed. Spread the material uniformly over the area to be covered with a base or pavement, plus 1 foot (0.3 m) on each side.


D. When the base course or pavement has been completed, recover the material which has not already been used in required embankment. Use this material to build shoulders, flatten foreslopes, or to place otherwise as directed by the Engineer. If not utilized, remove the material from the project. This material becomes the property of the Contractor.


E. Build and finish earth shoulders as provided in Section 2123. When granular surface shoulder construction is a required part of the work, finish and compact the shoulders to the elevation of the granular surfacing bottom.


2127.04 Method of Measurement.


A. Reconstruction of Roadbed.

The quantity, in stations (meters), will be shown in the contract documents as determined along the centerline.


B. Earth Shoulder Construction.

Article 2123.04, A, 2, applies.


C. Reclaiming Present Surfacing Material.

Article 2126.04 applies.


2127.05 Basis of Payment.


A. Reconstruction of Roadbed.


1. Payment will be the contract unit price per station (meter).


2. Payment is full compensation for excavating, hauling, compacting, and recovering excavated material. This work will not include the cost of reclaimed surfacing material or earth shoulder construction in the area of Reconstruction of Roadbed.


B. Earth Shoulder Construction.

Article 2123.05, B, applies.


C. Reclaiming Present Surfacing Material.

Article 2126.05 applies.