Section 2126.  Reclaiming Present Surfacing Material


2126.01     Description.

Scarify, windrow, load, stockpile, rehaul, and deposit granular material found on the present road surface.


2126.02     Materials.



2126.03     Construction.


A.    Blade loose surfacing material from the shoulders to the central area of the roadway.


B.    Scarify the old road surface to be reclaimed to a width and depth that will yield suitable surfacing material. The Engineer will determine what material is suitable for reclaiming. Pulverize the loosened material to the extent that 100% of the particles will pass a 3 inch (75 mm) sieve.


C.    Haul and deposit reclaimed material in stockpiles and spread uniformly over the length of the project, or haul and spread the reclaimed material on specified sections of the project after grading is completed.


D.    At the Contractor's option and without extra payment, the Contractor may substitute special backfill material, meeting requirements of Section 4132, for reclaimed surfacing in treatment areas. Obtain the Engineer’s approval for scarification and disposition of the surfacing material.


E.    Reclaim surfacing material prior to installation of crossroad culvert pipe or grading operations. After surfacing material has been removed, satisfactorily blade and shape the roadway for local traffic.


2126.04     Method of Measurement.

Measurement for Reclaiming Present Surfacing Material will be in cubic yards (cubic meters) in the transporting vehicle, and according to Article 2312.04, A. If such measurement is impractical, measurement may be made by the Engineer of the stockpile by the cross section method or by other feasible methods.


2126.05     Basis of Payment.


A.    Payment for Reclaiming Present Surface Material will be the contract unit price per cubic yard (cubic meter).


B.    Payment is full compensation for reclaiming present surfacing material, scarifying, blading, loading, hauling, stockpiling, and spreading the reclaimed material as directed by the Engineer. No overhaul will be paid on this material.