Section 2125.  Reshaping Ditches


2125.01     Description.

Remove excess earth material from side ditches according to the contract documents.


2125.02     Materials.

See Article 2125.03.


2125.03     Construction.


A.    Shape side ditches to produce smooth surfaces of the ditch and backslope which will conform to the typical section shown in the contract documents.


B.    Use excavated materials to build shoulders or widen embankments, or remove excavated materials from the project as the Engineer directs. Do not deposit shoulder material on finished base or surface courses.


C.    Place and compact material used for widening embankments according to Article 2107.03, L. Place, compact, and shape material used for earth shoulders as provided in Section 2123.


2125.04     Method of Measurement.

Reshaping Ditches, in stations (meters), will be the quantity shown on the contract documents as determined along the bottom of the ditch.


2125.05     Basis of Payment.


A.    Payment for Reshaping Ditches will be the contract unit price per station (meter).


B.    Payment is full compensation for the reshaping ditches, and for removal or placement of the excavated material.