Standard Specifications with GS-15013 Revisions

Division 11. General Requirements and Covenants
Section 1101 Definitions
Section 1102 Proposal Requirements and Conditions
Section 1103 Approval for Award and Award of Contract
Section 1104 Scope of Work
Section 1105 Control of Work
Section 1106 Control of Materials
Section 1107 Legal Relations and Responsibility to the Public
Section 1108 Prosecution and Progress
Section 1109 Measurement and Payment and Metric Conversion
Section 1110 Progress Scheduling
Section 1111 Incentive/Disincentive for Early Completion
Section 1112 A + B Bidding
Section 1113 Electronic Document Storage

*Changes made since the previous General Supplemental Specification are indicated by shading.  Previous changes have been incorporated and are no longer called out by shading or strikeout.