Section 1113. Electronic Document Storage


1113.01     General.

Electronic Document Management shall be used for electronic document storage on contracts let through the Department.


This specification contains requirements for collection and management of electronic documents through the use of Doc Express at Doc Express is a web based document management program which accepts electronic documents and provides security as appropriate for each submittal.


The Contracting Authority will perform setup of Doc Express in accordance with project requirements. Doc Express is the complete and officially recognized construction document management system for contract documents required by the Contracting Authority.


Costs associated with the use of Doc Express are incidental to Mobilization. Contract item progress payments will be withheld until documentation is provided as defined in this specification.


A.    Structure.

The framework utilizes basic contract drawers to store project documents.


Within each drawer are types used to group similar items together. A complete listing of the types in each drawer can be seen when submitting a document to that drawer in Doc Express.


For contracts where Contracting Authority is a county or city, files uploaded to Doc Express shall be named and filed according to current Doc Express Drawers, Document Types, and Naming Convention published by Local Systems Bureau in Local Systems Instructional Memorandum 6.000, Attachment F.


B.   Security.

As requested, each user within an organization will be assigned an account within Doc Express by their own organization. Access to Doc Express will be tracked through the use of the user’s unique email address and password. User permissions will be defined within Doc Express for each specific contract. 


1.     Prime - The Contractor will be assigned Prime permission to submit documents and view all documents submitted into Doc Express - including those submitted by the Contracting Authority and users with an Associate level permission. 


        The Prime can grant access to all associates to all drawers except the Payroll drawer to which only the Prime should have access. 


2.     Associate - Subcontractors and suppliers will be assigned Associate permission which will authorize any user associated with the respective subcontractor or supplier to submit documents but can view only those documents submitted by that respective entity. An Associate user is not able to view documents submitted by a Prime, Contracting Authority, or other Associate users. 


3.     Reviewer - Reviewer permission allows the user to only view all documents and will typically be assigned to those that will oversee the specific contract, but are not responsible for daily tasks.


4.     Contracting Authority - A formal permission level is not assigned. Contracting Authority staff has the ability to submit, receive, audit, or reject a document.


Documents submitted into Doc Express are secure. Security of the program will not allow modifications to a submitted document by any user. The user, or another user within the organization, who submitted the document may delete the submittal from Doc Express as long as the document has not been received, rejected, or had a comment attached.


The Payroll drawer has a more restrictive security setting. Only the user who submits a payroll document or a Contracting Authority user specifically assigned to access payroll information for the specific contract can view the payroll document. Other Prime users will not be able to view the submitted payroll document nor will other Contracting Authority users. 


C.   Document Types.

        Doc Express will accept all types of electronic documents including, but not limited to, Microsoft Excel files, Microsoft Word documents, Adobe Portable Document File (PDF), Tagged Image File (TIFF), and Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG). The maximum size limit of a file is 50 MB, but uploading and opening of the document will take longer as the file size increases. Preference should be given to smaller file sizes anytime they can be used.


1113.02     responsibilities.


A.    Contracting Authority.


1.     Contract set-up including drawer and type creation within a contract with applicable Prime, Associate, and Reviewer permissions.


2.     The Construction Project File will be maintained in Doc Express. The Contracting Authority will submit to the appropriate drawer and type, all construction related documents generated by the Contracting Authority.


3.     Review and verify that the documentation submitted meets the applicable submittal requirements. The review of documents will be made promptly from when the documents were able to be verified. Contractor payment may be withheld for contract documents not submitted.


B.    Contractor.


1.     Verify subcontractors and suppliers involved with the project have access to contract in Doc Express. Add any subcontractor or supplier which was omitted from the set-up performed by the Contracting Authority.


2.     Submit electronic documentation per type defined in Doc Express. Each electronic submittal may contain multiple pages of documentation but shall provide information required for the specified type only.


3.     Submit the invoice, certified bill of materials, or bill of lading for each shipment as documentation to allow the Contracting Authority to authorize progress payments for:

·         Corrugated Metal Culvert Pipe – Materials I.M. 441.

·         Precast Concrete – Materials I.M. 445.

·         Plastic Pipe – Materials I.M. 446.


C.    Shared Contracting Authority and Contractor/Supplier Responsibilities.

Doc Express will store final versions of documentation required for the contract. Some documents require involvement and coordination between the Contracting Authority and Contractor to reach a final version. This shared responsibility will be coordinated to prevent incomplete or redundant data from being electronically stored.