Section 4146. Plastic Pipe


4146.01 general requirements.


A. For all plastic pipe, comply with the following:

         Marked as required by the specification noted.

         Of the diameter specified.

         Manufactured from PE, PVC or ABS material.


B. For an interconnected installation, use pipe and fittings that:

         Are the same type of material (except when connecting to an existing pipe),

         Are the size specified, and

         Meet one of the specifications allowed by this section.


C. Approval and acceptance will be based on sampling and testing or on the producer's certification subject to monitor testing as provided in Materials I.M. 443 and Materials I.M. 446.




A. Comply with the following:


1. Pipe and fittings: maximum diameter of 48 inches and meeting the requirements of AASHTO M 294.


2. Perforated pipe 12 inch I.D.: perforations according to AASHTO M 294, except circular perforations will not be allowed.


3. Perforated pipe larger than 12 inch I.D.: perforations according to AASHTO M 294 and wrap the pipe with engineering fabric meeting the requirements of Article 4196.01, B, 2.


B. Aprons or other special end sections may also be specified. Use aprons and special end sections as for corrugated steel culverts, meeting requirements of Section 4141. Adapt them to couple to the sections of polyethylene pipe. When end sections are not specified, attach coupling fittings to the ends of polyethylene culverts to be exposed in the finished structure in order to form a double thickness of polyethylene for the full length of the fitting.


4146.03 SEWER PIPE.

Apply Articles 4149.02 and 4149.03.