Section 4141.  Corrugated Steel Culvert Pipe


4141.01     general requirements.


A.    Unless specified otherwise, meet the requirements of AASHTO M 36/M 36M for the following:

·         Circular corrugated steel culvert pipe, Type I.

·         Pipe arch shapes, Type II.

·         Coupling bands, special fittings, and associated hardware.


B.    The minimum sheet thickness will be shown in the contract documents.


C.    When the diameter of round pipe is elongated, increase one diameter by approximately 5%. Permanently mark each piece at least once inside and once outside to indicate the top.


D.    Types of approved coupling devices are described in Materials I.M. 441. Joint types are standard and positive, and the type may be designated in the contract documents. When not designated, either type may be used.




A.    Use pipe coated by either of the following methods:


1.     Meet the requirements of Article 4141.01 and AASHTO M 245/M 245M, Type I. The polymeric coating is to have a minimum thickness of 0.010 inch (254 µm) on inside surfaces and 0.003 inch (76 µm) on outside surfaces.


2.     Aluminized pipe meeting requirements of Article 4141.01 may be furnished.


B.    Repair, to the Engineer’s satisfaction, breaks or damage to the coating that occur during handling or installation.