SUDAS Standard Specifications - Division 9

Site Work and Landscaping
Table of Contents
Section 9010 Seeding
Section 9020 Sodding
Section 9030 Plant Material and Planting
Section 9040 Erosion and Sediment Control
Section 9050 Gabions and Revet Mattresses
Section 9060 Chain Link Fencing
Section 9070 Landscape Retaining Walls
Section 9071 Segmental Block Retaining Walls
Section 9072 Combined Concrete Sidewalk and Retaining Wall
Section 9080 Concrete Steps, Handrails, and Safety Rail

Figures Autocad Microstation
9030.101 Planting Pit
9030.102 Tree Staking, Guying, and Wrapping
9030.103 Tree Drainage Well
9040.101 Compost Blanket
9040.102 Filter Berm & Filter Sock
9040.103 Rolled Erosion Control Product (RECAP) Installation on Slopes
9040.104 Rolled Erosion Control Product (RECAP) Installation in Channel
9040.105 Wattle
9040.106 Check Dam Spacing
9040.107 Rock Check Dam
9040.108 Temporary Earth Diversion Structures
9040.109 Level Spreader
9040.110 Rip Rap Apron For Pipe Outlet Onto Flat Ground
9040.111 Rip Rap Apron For Pipe Outlet into Channel
9040.112 Temporary Pipe Slope Drain
9040.113 Sediment Basin without Emergency Spillway
9040.114 Sediment Basin with Emergency Spillway
9040.115 Sediment Basin Dewatering Device (Perforated Riser)
9040.116 Anti-Vortex Device
9040.117 Anti-Seep Collar
9040.118 Sediment Trap
9040.119 Silt Fence
9040.120 Stabilized Construction Entrance
9050.101 Gabion Assembly
9060.101 Chain Link Fence
9060.102 Chain Link Gate
9060.103 Post Installation Adjacent to Retaining Walls
9070.101 Landscape Timber Retaining Wall
9070.102 Modular Block Retaining Wall
9070.103 Limestone Retaining Wall
9072.221 Combined Retaining Wall-Sidewalk
9080.101 Type A Concrete Steps with Handrail
9080.102 Type B Concrete Steps with Handrail
9080.103 Safety Rail

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