Oct 15, 2013

As part of the paperless project initiative, the Iowa Department of Transportation created zipped files for accessing the ERL content on mobile devices without a continuous Internet connection.  The content is identical to the ERL content available on the Department's website and the ERL disc. 
  1. Install app on mobile device.

    The following free Apple and Android apps have been tested for accessing zipped files on mobile devices.

    • File Manager - developer:  TapMedia Ltd.
    • Mercury - developer:  iLegendSoft
    • Zip Viewer - developer:  Oliver Koehler
    • Adobe Reader
      *In addition to the apps above, Adobe Reader has also been tested and bookmarks can be viewed in this program.
    • Download All Files - developer: MDJ Software
    • ES File Explorer File Manager - developer:  ES APP GROUP
    • Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip - developer:  RbigSoft
  2. Download zipped files.

  3. Unzip the files.
    The individual files are available in the "Oct2013_" folder.  The hyperlinks on the file may not work.  The "navigation" folder has a file listing the files in the "Oct2013_" folder, but the hyperlinks on the navigation file do not work.

Browse ERL library Size Download
Standard Specifications with GS-12003 2.17 MB Download zip file
Supplemental Specifications 161 KB Download zip file
Materials I.M.s 24.5 MB Download zip file
Standard Road Plans 92.66 MB Download zip file
Standard Culvert Plans 61.6 MB Download zip file
Standard Bridge Plans 100.2 MB Download zip file
Sign Truss Standards 3.45 MB Download zip file
Construction Manual 23 MB Download zip file
Flagger's Handbook 1.4 MB Download zip file 
SUDAS Standard Specifications 27 MB Download zip file