Pavement marking tapes shall meet the applicable requirements in Section 2527.02 and Section 4183.06 of the Iowa Department of Transportation Standard Specifications. Approved Products are listed in the Materials Approved Products Listing Enterprise (MAPLE).



Acceptance of pavement marking tapes shall be on the basis of brand name approval, and satisfactory field performance.


Pavement marking tapes shall be approved prior to installation on a project.



Request for approval shall be made to the Construction & Materials Bureau in Ames, Iowa. This shall include a complete product description, instructions for application, and the recommended usage. A sample of tape of each color may be requested after literature review.


In addition, the tapes shall be submitted to a AASHTO Product Evaluation & Audit Solutions test deck. Provide test deck Data for review.


Tapes shall be evaluated for four months during non-snow plowing weather. The tapes shall adhere to the pavement surface without excess movement. The color shall stay in the chromaticity box for standard highway colors. The retro reflectivity in the wheel path area shall stay above 150 for white and 100 for yellow when measured by a retroflectometer with 30-meter geometry.


Approval of marking tapes may be withdrawn because of deficient test results on samples; product changes made after the original qualification, or unsatisfactory field performance. Samples of the marking tape on which a qualification was based will be used as the standards for comparison with tapes supplied to projects.



The Construction & Materials Bureau may sample or request a sample and test marking tapes to verify compliance with specifications. Such samples will be a continuous 10 ft.   section.