Traffic paint for pavement marking as described in Section 2527 of the Standard Specifications shall meet requirements of Section 4183 for fast-dry waterborne paint and for fast-dry Volatile Organic Content (VOC)-compliant, solvent-borne paint. Resin Solids for waterborne traffic paint shall be composed of 100% acrylic emulsion polymer and be one of the following products: Dow FASTRACK 3427, Dow FASTRACK 5408A, Arkema ENCOR DT 250 or an approved equal. Low temperature waterborne paint shall use Dow FASTRACK XSR, Dow FASTRACK 5408A or approved equal resin. Hi-Build waterborne traffic paint shall utilize Dow FASTRACK HD-21A Emulsion Resin or approved equal.



Acceptance of yellow and white traffic paint for use on Department of Transportation projects will be on the basis of manufacturer and approved brand name.


Approved manufacturers and brand names for fast-dry waterborne paint are listed in Appendix A. Approved brand names and manufacturers for fast-dry VOC compliant solvent borne paint are listed in Appendix B and those for high build waterborne traffic paint are listed in Appendix C and Low Temperature Waterborne Paints are listed in Appendix DApproved manufacturers and brand names are listed in the Materials Approved Products Listing Enterprise. (MAPLE)


Acceptance of alternate colors of traffic paint including red, blue, purple, green and black for use on Department of Transportation projects will be on the basis of approved manufacturer. Approved manufacturers are listed in MAPLE. Alternate color paint shall meet pertinent department specifications and shall be of the same line / series of traffic paints approved as the manufacturers yellow and white paints.



Manufacturer approval will be based on test results of samples submitted by the manufacturer, and performance test data on NTPEP test decks. Test Deck data from similar climate states to Iowa is preferred if available.


The manufacturer shall submit to the Construction and Materials Bureau a (one quart) sample of both white and yellow paint. Along with the samples, the manufacturer shall submit a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and typical test results for the specified paint properties.


An approval will remain in effect unless withdrawn because of deficient test results on monitor samples.


Do not use expired paint without written permission from the manufacturer. Written permission shall be supplied to the engineer prior to usage.