Steel H-Piles, Steel Pipe Piles, and Sheet Piles shall conform to the requirements of Article 4167 and 2501 of the Standard Specifications.


Acceptance for incorporation into a project shall be from an approved source prior to the letting  and on the basis of a certified mill test analysis of the steel and a satisfactory test report on any random monitor sample secured from the project and tested by the Central Materials Laboratory.  All types of steel piles (H-type, pipe, or sheet pile) shall meet the requirements of IM 107, Group 1, Buy America.






The manufacturer and/or contractor shall furnish an identification list for each and every shipment to a project. It shall include the project number, design number, heat number, number of pieces, size and length of piling in the shipment. A Certified Mill Analysis for each shipment is required. The Mill Analysis shall itemize the materials, the ASTM steel designation, section number description, heat number, actual or theoretical mass and the physical as well as the chemical test analysis/characteristics. The Mill Analysis shall indicate compliance with the applicable specification requirements.


At the time of shipment one copy of properly identified Certified Mill Analysis and identification list (showing project number, county, type of piles, and number of pieces) shall be forwarded to the Project Engineer and one copy to the respective District Materials Engineer.


Requirements for specific Steel Piles are found in the following IM’s:

467.01 – Steel H-Piles

467.02 – Steel Sheet Piling

467.03 – Steel Pipe Piles