Standard Specifications with GS-23001 Revisions

Division 41. Construction Materials
Section 4100 General Provisions
Section 4101 Portland Cement
Section 4102 Water for Concrete and Mortar
Section 4103 Liquid Admixtures for Portland Cement Concrete
Section 4104 Burlap for Curing Concrete
Section 4105 Liquid Curing Compounds
Section 4106 Plastic Film and Insulating Covers for Curing Concrete
Section 4107 Plastic Film for Subgrade Treatment
Section 4108 Supplementary Cementitious Materials
Section 4109 Aggregate Gradations
Section 4110 Fine Aggregate for Portland Cement Concrete
Section 4111 Class L Fine Aggregate for Portland Cement Concrete
Section 4112 Intermediate Aggregate for Portland Cement Concrete
Section 4115 Coarse Aggregate for Portland Cement Concrete
Section 4116 Class V Aggregate for Portland Cement Concrete
Section 4117 Granular Leveling Material
Section 4118 Bedding Material for Non-Primary Roads
Section 4119 Bedding and Backfill Material for Interstate and Primary Road Projects
Section 4120 Granular Surfacing and Granular Shoulder Aggregate
Section 4121 Granular Subbase Material
Section 4122 Crushed Stone Base Material
Section 4123 Modified Subbase Material
Section 4124 Aggregate for Slurry Mixtures
Section 4125 Aggregate for Bituminous Sealcoat
Section 4126 Aggregate for Polymer-Modified Microsurfacing
Section 4127 Aggregate for Hot Mix Asphalt
Section 4128 Stabilization (Foundation) Material
Section 4130 Revetment Stone, Erosion Stone, and Gabion Stone
Section 4131 Porous Backfill Material
Section 4132 Special Backfill Material
Section 4133 Granular Backfill Material
Section 4134 Floodable Backfill Material
Section 4136 Joint Fillers, Sealers, and Seals
Section 4137 Asphalt Binder
Section 4138 Cutback and Liquid Asphalts
Section 4139 Liquid Sealing Materials for PCC Surfaces
Section 4140 Emulsified Asphalt
Section 4141 Corrugated Metal Culvert Pipe
Section 4143 Subdrain Pipe
Section 4144 Structural Plates for Pipe, Pipe Arches, and Arches
Section 4145 Concrete Culvert Pipe
Section 4146 Plastic Pipe
Section 4147 Pipe and Manhole Rehabilitation Materials
Section 4148 Drain Tiles
Section 4149 Materials for Sanitary and Storm Sewer Pipes and Structures
Section 4150 Water Main, Valve, Fire Hydrant, and Appurtenance Materials
Section 4151 Steel Reinforcement
Section 4152 Structural Steel
Section 4153 Miscellaneous Iron and Steel
Section 4154 Fence Materials
Section 4155 Guardrail
Section 4156 Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Dowel Bars
Section 4160 Wood Preservatives
Section 4161 Preservative Treatment
Section 4162 Untreated Timber and Lumber
Section 4163 Treated Timber and Lumber
Section 4164 Treated Wood Posts
Section 4165 Timber Piles
Section 4166 Concrete Piles
Section 4167 Steel Piles
Section 4169 Erosion Control Materials
Section 4170 Landscape Plant Materials
Section 4171 Detectable Warnings
Section 4182 Paints for Steel Bridges and Structures
Section 4183 Traffic Paints and Pavement Markings
Section 4184 Reflectorizing Spheres for Traffic Paint
Section 4185 Highway Lighting Materials
Section 4186 Signing Materials
Section 4187 Materials for Sign Support Structures
Section 4188 Traffic Control Devices
Section 4189 Traffic Signal Equipment
Section 4190 Nonferrous Metals
Section 4191 Keyway and Expansion Tubes
Section 4192 Caulking Compound
Section 4193 Hydrated Lime for Soil Stabilization
Section 4194 Calcium Chloride and Sodium Chloride
Section 4195 Bearing Pads
Section 4196 Engineering Fabrics

*Changes made since the previous General Supplemental Specification are indicated by shading.  Previous changes have been incorporated and are no longer called out by shading or strikeout.