Section 2550. Night Work Lighting



Furnish, install, operate, maintain, move, and remove night time lighting to illuminate construction work areas for night work when construction activities (vehicles, equipment, or workers) are within 15 feet of an open lane of traffic. Night work is defined as work performed between 30 minutes before sunset and 30 minutes after sunrise.




A. Submit a lighting plan to the Engineer for review no later than the Preconstruction Conference. On the lighting plan show:

         The areas to be illuminated,

         Type and layout of the lighting systems, and

         Calculations of the averaged maintained lighting intensity.


B. Provide night work lighting in areas where construction equipment or workers are active within 15 feet of an open lane of traffic. Illuminate the work area and extend the lighting a minimum of 25 feet in advance and beyond the work area. Meet the following requirements for lighting:

         Minimum intensity of 5 foot candles over the entire area described above.

         Sources positioned to not interfere with or impede traffic in any direction and not cause glare for motorists or spillover onto adjacent properties.


C. Illumination may be accomplished by using a combination of portable lights, floodlights, equipment lights, roadway lights (temporary or existing), or other lighting methods that will provide the required minimum lighting intensity.


D. The Engineer may require modifications to the lighting setup in order to fit field conditions.


2550.03 LIGHT METER.

Provide the Engineer one light meter (to be returned to the Contractor at the completion of night work) capable of measuring light intensity in foot candles. Provide the Engineer instructions for operating the light meter




A.Place and remove all traffic control devices during daytime hours, when possible, unless specified otherwise in the contract documents.


B.Continually review all traffic control devices, including monitoring of lights, to ensure proper installation and working order.



All costs associated with furnishing, installing, operating, maintaining, moving, and removing night work lighting and other traffic control requirements required by this specification, are incidental to the lump sum bid price for Mobilization.