Section 2536. Asbestos Removal


2536.01 description.

Removal, transport, and disposal of asbestos from buildings and structures scheduled for demolition or renovation. Perform the work according to 40 CFR Part 61, Subpart M. The work will be detailed in the contract documents.


2536.02 LICENSING, Identification of work, and rights of possession or occupancy.


A. Bidding.

Bids will be received for this project from bidders who hold a valid permit for this type of work issued by the Iowa Workforce Development, Labor Services Division, and from bidders who can provide documentation the work will be subcontracted to a contractor holding a valid permit.


B. Identification of Work.


1. The Contracting Authority will have inspected the buildings and structures for the presence of asbestos. Suspect materials will have been sampled and tested. The results will be included in the contract documents.


2. Access to the buildings and structures by prospective bidders will be allowed. Arrangements for access will be made by the Office of Contracts, on request.


3. The Contracting Authority assumes no responsibility for the condition of the existing buildings and structures.


4. Inspect the sites identified in the contract documents from which asbestos is to be removed prior to submittal of a bid.


5. Furnish, install, and maintain protective barricades and fences for public safety during the contract period.


C. Rights of Possession or Occupancy.

The Contracting Authority has complete authority as to the possession of properties by any occupant. The Contractor, the Contractor's authorized subcontractors, their agents, or other individuals do not have any right of authority to grant occupancy or to charge or collect any rents on any properties in this contract within the limits of this project.


2536.03 Asbestos removal and disposal.


A. Reporting.


1. Give a minimum of 14 calendar days advance notification of the work to the Iowa DNR and the Iowa Labor Services Division according to 40 CFR Part 61, Subpart M and other applicable regulations concerning asbestos removal work. In addition, obtain all necessary authorizations for the work. Provide copies of all notification and authorization information to the Engineer prior to starting work.


2. Specific reporting, authorization, and notification requirements may be specified in the contract documents.


B. Removal.


1. Remove, transport, and dispose of all asbestos specified in the contract documents. Perform this work in compliance with current applicable local laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances and requirements of the U.S. EPA, the Iowa DNR, and the Iowa Workforce Development. The Contractor is expected to be fully knowledgeable of these requirements.


2. Provide workers licensed and trained in asbestos abatement according to IA 875, Chapter 155. Ensure these workers are on-site during the asbestos removal work. Ensure evidence that the required training has been accomplished by these persons is available for inspection during normal business hours.


3. Limit this work to asbestos removal. Salvage will not be permitted. Removal of pipes, ducts, or other items as units will be permitted only if future demolition is intended and the removal of these items is necessary for asbestos removal.


4. Some of the asbestos may not be friable. It may be possible to remove and dispose of this material in a manner to maintain its non-friable condition.


5. Monitor and test for air borne asbestos particles during working hours according to the current EPA and Iowa Labor Services Division regulations. Conduct the operations to keep air borne particles within the established regulation limits. Provide the Engineer with copies of correspondence, test results, recommendations, and other information the Engineer needs to document compliance with these requirements.


6. When asbestos removal is completed, all work will be inspected for the presence of asbestos debris. Continue removal and cleaning until air monitoring clearance testing indicates a level of air borne fibers is equal to or less than the requirements in the current EPA and Iowa Labor Services Division regulations. Notify the Engineer when this sampling is started. Provide documentation to the Engineer that the level of air borne fibers, after the work is completed, is equal to or less than the requirements in the current EPA and Iowa Labor Services Division regulations.


7. Provide the Engineer with test results for all air monitoring tests within 24 hours after the sampling has been completed.


8. Comply with current EPA, State, and Federal regulations. At all times, take necessary precautions and provide necessary equipment to all persons employed on the project.


C. Disposal.


1. Dispose of removed asbestos promptly. Transport and dispose of waste containing asbestos according to current U.S. EPA and Iowa DNR regulations.


2. Identify or mark hauling vehicles used to transport asbestos waste, during loading and unloading, as required by the applicable regulations for transporting asbestos waste.


3. Provide a Waste Shipment Record (WSR) to the waste site owner or operator at the time the waste is delivered to the waste disposal site. Provide a copy of the WSR to the Engineer as well.


D. Safety Rules.

The Contractor is solely responsible for enforcement of the safety rules for employees and any person the Contractor authorizes for entry into the work area. The Engineer will have a right of entry to the work area, and they will comply with the Contractor's safety rules.


2536.04 method of measurement.

Lump sum.


2536.05 basis of payment.


A. Payment for Removal of Asbestos identified in the contract documents will be the lump sum contract price.


B. Payment is full compensation for:

         Removal of asbestos, transporting asbestos, and disposal of asbestos at an approved disposal site, and

         The cost of all labor, monitoring, materials, equipment, permits, disposal fees, and preparation of and filing reports, notifications, and records.


C. Adjustment of contract price for Removal of Asbestos which is identified in the contract documents will not be allowed should any buildings from which asbestos is to be removed be altered or damaged by others during the period of time between inspection by bidders and asbestos removal.


D. Partial payments may be paid as the work progresses, as authorized by the Engineer.


E. Should asbestos be discovered, in addition to that identified in the contract documents, removal of the additional asbestos will be paid for as extra work according to Article 1109.03, B.