This work consists of constructing various types of wood, steel, or concrete structures for bridges, viaducts, grade separations, retaining walls, culverts, or other structures, according to the contract documents and requirements for the respective types in the sections listed below. Clearing and grubbing, channel change, and revetment will be constructed, measured, and paid for as provided in Sections 2101, 2104, and 2507, respectively.


For work involved in Division 24, use equipment complying with the appropriate part of Division 20 and as further provided in the particular section.


After completing projects involving work of any section of Division 24, place all portions of right-of-way disturbed by the Contractor’s operations in acceptable condition. Apply Article 1104.08.


2401.  Removal of Existing Structures.

2402.  Excavation for Structures.

2403.  Structural Concrete.

2404.  Reinforcement.

2405.  Foundations and Substructures.

2406.  Concrete Structures.

2407.  Precast and Prestressed Concrete Bridge Units.

2408.  Steel Structures.

2409.  Timber Structures.

2410.  Plank Decks.

2411.  Laminated Wood Decks.

2412.  Concrete Bridge Decks.

2413.  Bridge Deck Surfacing, Repair, and Overlay.

2414.  Railings.

2415.  Concrete Box, Arch, and Circular Culverts.

2416.  Rigid Pipe Culverts.

2417.  Corrugated Culverts.

2418.  Temporary Stream Diversion.

2419.  Precast Concrete Units.

2420.  Structural Plate Pipes, Pipe Arches, and Arches.

2422.  Unclassified Pipe Culverts.

2423.  Support Structures for Highway Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals.

2424.  Shotcrete.

2425.  Precast Prestressed Concrete Deck Panels.

2426.  Structural Concrete Repair.

2427.  Bridge Cleaning.

2428.  Smoothness of Bridge Decks and Bridge Deck Overlays.

2429.  Pre-Engineered Steel Truss Recreational Trail Bridge.

2430.  Modular Block Retaining Wall.

2431.  Segmental Retaining Wall.

2432.  Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Retaining Wall.

2433.  Concrete Drilled Shaft.

2434.  Disc Bearing Assembly.

2435.  Sanitary and Storm Sewer Structures.

2436.  Precast Noise Wall.