Section 2315.  Driveway Surfacing


2315.01     description.

Furnish and place gravel or crushed stone on earth or gravel surfaced intersecting roads, driveways, and turnouts, as directed by the Engineer and according to the following provisions.


2315.02     materials.

When there is a contract item for granular surfacing of shoulders, use aggregate for driveway surfacing. When there is no contract item for that work, use one of the following materials:


A.    Class C Gravel.

Class C gravel meeting requirements of Article 4120.03, except no less than 5% or more than 12% passing the No. 200 sieve.


B.    Class A Crushed Stone.

Class A crushed stone meeting requirements of Article 4120.04 and if specifically designated, Class B crushed stone meeting requirements of Article 4120.05.


C.    Other Aggregate.

Other aggregate meeting requirements of Section 4127, with 100% passing the 1 inch sieve.


2315.03     construction.


A.    Before surfacing material is placed, excavate to prepare a uniform subgrade, to provide for a finished surface at the general elevation of the shoulder, and to ensure drainage away from the roadbed. Spread the surfacing material to a uniform thickness.


B.    The areas to be surfaced for various types of surfacing under contract are described as follows:


1.     For Flexible Base and Bituminous Surface Construction.

a.     The contract documents may require the construction for flexible base of wedge shaped fillets at intersecting earth or granular surfaced roads and at driveways to homesteads and commercial establishments. The contract documents may require bituminous surface construction for the surfacing of these fillets with the corresponding type of surfacing.

b.     Surface the remaining areas of earth or granular surfaced intersecting roads and driveways within the right-of-way and all turnouts for mail boxes with materials specified.


2.     For Portland Cement Concrete Pavement.

Use one of the materials specified in Article 2315.02 to surface turnouts for mail boxes, entrances, and the unpaved areas of intersections along roads surfaced with PCC.


2315.04     method of measurement.

Measurement of Driveway Surfacing placed as directed by the Engineer will be as indicated in the contract documents and according to Article 2312.04, A.


2315.05     basis of payment.

Payment for Driveway Surfacing material placed will be the contract unit price per ton.