Section 2305.  Safety Edge


2305.01     description.

Incorporate a Safety Edge to the dimensions shown and at locations designated on the contract documents.


2305.02     materials.

Safety Edge material shall match the adjoining pavement or paved shoulder material.


2305.03     construction.


A.    Asphalt Pavement.

Attach a device to the paver screed to confine material at the end gate and extrude the asphalt material in a wedge shape meeting the requirements of the plan details. Maintain contact between the device and road shoulder surface; and allow automatic transition to cross roads, driveways, and obstructions. Use the device to constrain the asphalt head, reducing the area and increasing the density of the extruded profile. Approved devices meeting this specification are listed in Materials I.M. 502. Use of a single plate strike off will not be allowed.


Alternative devices not listed in Materials I.M. 502 may be approved by the Engineer.  The Engineer may require proof that the device has been used on previous projects with acceptable results or may require a test section constructed prior to the beginning of work to demonstrate wedge compaction to the satisfaction of the Engineer.


The Engineer may allow short sections of handwork when necessary for transitions at driveways, intersections, interchanges, and bridges.


Placement of a granular fillet, per Article 2121.03, C, 4, b, is not necessary when a Safety Edge is installed.


B.    PCC Pavement.

Modify paver screed to ensure the Safety Edge meets the final cross-section as detailed on the plans.


2305.04     method of measurement.

Safety Edge will not be measured for payment.


2305.05     basis of payment.

Safety Edge will not be paid for separately and shall be included in the contract unit price for the item for which it is required.