Construct surface courses on a prepared base, subbase, or subgrade according to the requirements specified for the various types in the following sections. Comply with the lines, grades, thicknesses, and typical cross sections shown in the contract documents or established by the Engineer.


2301.  Portland Cement Concrete Pavement.

2302.  Portland Cement Concrete Widening.

2303.  Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures.

2304.  Detour Pavement.

2305.  Safety Edge.

2306.  Bituminous Fog Seal (Pavement).

2307.  Bituminous Seal Coat.

2308.  Bituminous Fog Seal (Shoulders).

2309.  Surface Recycling by Heater Scarification.

2310.  Portland Cement Concrete Overlay.

2312.  Granular Surfacing.

2314.  Surface Application of Calcium Chloride.

2315.  Driveway Surfacing.

2316.  Pavement Smoothness.

2317.  Primary and Interstate Pavement Smoothness.

2318.  Cold In-Place Recycled Asphalt Pavement.

2319.  Slurry Leveling, Slurry Wedge (Edge Rut Treatment), and Strip Slurry Treatment.