Section 2217.  Rubblizing Existing Portland Cement Concrete Pavement


2217.01     Description.

Rubblize and compact the PCC pavement as shown in the contract documents.


2217.02     Materials.



2217.03     Construction.


A.    Equipment.


1.     Use equipment capable of uniformly breaking the existing pavement without causing change to its cross slope or profile. Equip the unit with a water system to suppress dust generated by the operation.


2.     Use a standard steel drum vibratory roller having a minimum gross weight (mass) of 10 tons (9 Mg) operated in the vibration mode to compact the rubblized pavement.


B.    Rubblizing Existing PCC Pavement.


1.     Saw to full depth at the beginning and end of the work. Sever tie bars on the mainline where the rubblizing abuts concrete which shall remain in place.


2.     Operate the breaker unit at a speed such that the existing pavement is reduced into particles with a nominal maximum size of 4 inches (100 mm), based on a visual inspection of the rubblized pavement surface. When conditions warrant in specific locations, the Engineer may direct or allow larger maximum particle dimensions, not to exceed 12 inches (300 mm). Additional passes may be required if larger sizes remain after the initial rubblizing pass. Do not operate the breaker unit within 50 feet (15 m) of bridge abutments and other locations designated by the Contracting Authority.


3.     Begin the rubblizing procedure at a free shoulder edge and work towards the centerline joint.


4.     Operate the vibratory steel drum roller close behind the rubblizing operation at a speed not to exceed 6 feet (2 m) per second. Compact and seat rubblized pavement with a minimum of 4 coverages. In addition, roll the surface immediately ahead of the paving equipment to remove distortion that may occur from haul trucks or other equipment.


5.     Leave reinforcement in the rubblized pavement in place. However, cut off reinforcement exposed at the surface as a result of rubblizing operations or compaction operations, or both, and remove it from the project.


6.     The roadway will be closed to thru traffic during construction, except at crossings designated in the contract documents. Keep all traffic to a minimum before the placement of the initial HMA course or the PCC pavement. Do not allow more than 2 working days to elapse between rubblizing pavement segments and placement of initial HMA course or PCC pavement. In the event of rain, this time limitation may be extended to allow sufficient time for the rubblized pavement to dry to the Engineer’s satisfaction.


2217.04     Method of Measurement.

The quantity of Rubblized Pavement, in square yards (square meters), will be the quantity shown in the contract documents.


2217.05     Basis of Payment.


A.    Payment for Rubblized Pavement will be the contract unit price per square yard (square meter).


B.    Payment is full compensation for furnishing all equipment and materials, including water, and labor to rubblize the pavement, suppress dust, remove exposed reinforcement, and compact the rubblized pavement.