Standard Specifications with GS-15013 Revisions

Division 24. Structures
Section 2401 Removal of Existing Structures
Section 2402 Excavation for Structures
Section 2403 Structural Concrete
Section 2404 Reinforcement
Section 2405 Foundations and Substructures
Section 2406 Concrete Structures
Section 2407 Precast and Prestressed Concrete Bridge Units
Section 2408 Steel Structures
Section 2409 Timber
Section 2410 Plank Decks
Section 2411 Laminated Wood Decks
Section 2412 Concrete Bridge Decks
Section 2413 Bridge Deck Surfacing, Repair, and Overlay
Section 2414 Railings
Section 2415 Concrete Box, Arch and Circular Culverts
Section 2416 Rigid Pipe Culverts
Section 2417 Corrugated Culverts
Section 2418 Temporary Stream Diversion
Section 2419 Precast Concrete Units
Section 2420 Structural Plate Pipes, Pipe Arches, and Arches
Section 2422 Unclassified Pipe
Section 2423 Support Structures for Highway Sign, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals
Section 2424 Shotcrete
Section 2425 Precast Prestressed Concrete Deck Panels
Section 2426 Structural Concrete Repair
Section 2427 Bridge Cleaning
Section 2428 Smoothness of Bridge Decks and Bridge Deck Overlays
Section 2429 Pre-Engineered Steel Truss Recreational Trail Bridge
Section 2430 Modular Block Retaining Wall
Section 2431 Segmental Retaining Wall
Section 2432 Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Retaining Wall
Section 2433 Concrete Drilled Shaft
Section 2434 Disc Bearing Assembly
Section 2435 Sanitary and Storm Sewer Structures
Section 2436 Precast Noise Wall

*Changes made since the previous General Supplemental Specification are indicated by shading.  Previous changes have been incorporated and are no longer called out by shading or strikeout.