On projects with "Construction Survey" included as a contract item, the Contractor is responsible for construction staking.  Often, the prime contractor will subcontract this item.  Provisions of Article 1105.15 shall not apply when Construction Survey is furnished by the Contractor.


According to specification Article 2526 "The Contractor shall furnish all survey necessary for construction of the project..."  Additional survey work required because of plan revisions or changes directed by the Project Engineer shall be paid for as extra work according to Specification 1109.03, or be done by the Contracting Authority's survey crew.


Contractor's responsibilities include:

n  Stake right‑of‑way, temporary easements, and right‑of‑entry reference

n  Preserve and re‑establish all centerline control points;  point of curve (PC), point of tangent (PT), point of intersection (PI), and point on tangent (POT)

n  Establish office relocation centerline and related points, including extensions of cross‑sections.

n  Perform a level circuit to check bench marks prior to start of construction

n  Re‑establish land corners and lot corners

n  Establish permanent bench marks and permanent ties to all required  points

n  Perform independent check of bridge and culvert staking per Construction Manual 11.21.  A copy of the staking diagram and staking layout shall be provided to the Engineer prior to initiating any construction.


Contracting Authority will:

n  Stake right‑of‑way break points

n  Take elevation readings of settlement plates

n  Provide benchmark elevations

n  Provide a GeoPak alignment if available


Special Attention Items

The Project Engineer should be notified and/or consulted for guidance if the following conditions occur:

n  Proposed culvert is staked and its location does not fit existing ground elevations.

n  Conflicting conditions occur such as existing water line located at same location of proposed sewer line.

n  If farm subdrains are present, the Contractor will determine their location, size, type, and flowline elevation.  The Project Engineer will establish final size, location, and flowline elevation for construction of tile line to be staked by the Contractor.

n  Slope stakes do not match design cross section.



Survey documentation shall be kept in a format acceptable to the Contracting Authority.  After project completion, survey documentation shall become the property of the Contracting Authority.  Work under the “Construction Survey” item is considered to be complete when the documentation is submitted to and accepted by the Engineer.  Full payment for Construction Survey should not be made until all documentation is submitted and accepted by the Engineer.



Contract Administration

By specification, "Construction Survey" is identified as a "specialty item."


"Construction Survey" is considered a professional service, therefore Davis‑Bacon requirements do not apply, except for survey crew members who perform primarily physical and/or manual duties.


If survey work is performed by someone other than the Contractor, a "Subcontract Request and Approval" form shall be submitted.  All requirements of subcontractors are to be fulfilled.


Additional Requirements:


1.     When the “Construction Survey” is provided by the Contractor,  they will  also be responsible for the following:

a.     Survey and submit the elevations of the as-constructed substructure beam seats on bridges.  Starting with the October 2015 letting, all bridge plans for PPC beam bridges will include an electronic Excel file for documentation of PPC beam data which also includes entries for the survey elevations of the as-constructed substructure beam seats.


b.     Survey the PPC beam/steel girder elevations.  Starting with the October 2015 letting, all PPC beam & steel girder bridges will include an electronic Excel file for the documentation of bridge deck grades.  This file will be completed by the designer with all plan information and allowable haunch and embedment tolerances included.  The contractor will be responsible for entering the surveyed elevations of the PPC beams/steel girders and once entered the spreadsheet will automatically run the initial bridge deck grades.  The Contractor shall submit these deck grades to the Engineer for review and determination of the final bridge deck grades.


c.      For bridge projects which do not include the bid item for “Construction Survey”, the Engineer will be responsible for the above required survey documentation.