Long Bolt Procedure


Procedure is required by Article 2408.03, S, 4 and further described in Materials IM 453.06B.

(Photos taken by Bill Burns, Iowa DOT.)




Calibrated Tension Measuring Device


Torque Wrench and Spud Wrench


Washers and/or Shims


Fasteners from same R-C Lot number




Step 1.

Mark the 3rd through 5th full threads from the shank of the bolt.




Step 2.

Install bolt into the Skidmore.




Step 3.

Install the required number of washers and/or shims to just cover the 3rd, but not more than the 5th thread, as marked in Step 1.  (Must have 1 washer under the nut.)




Step 4.

Tighten nut to Snug Tight.  (IM 453.06B, Appendix A, Table A-1)




Step 5.

Match-mark the bolt tip, nut, and base plate.




Step 6.

“Zero” torque wrench.




Step 7.

Tension bolt to at-least value given in IM 453.06B, Appendix A Table A-2.




Step 8.

Record torque tension from Step 7 on R-C Worksheet.




Step 9.

Match-mark socket to base plate.  (Use Turn-of-Nut rotation amount.) IM 453.06B, Appendix A, Table A-3




Step 10.

Rotate nut the required Turn-of-Nut amount.  (IM 453.06B, Appendix A, Table A-3.)




Step 11.

Record tension on R-C Worksheet.  Must be equal to or greater than value in IM 453.06B, Appendix A, Table A-4.