Appendix 11-1

Identification Record for Pile Hammer and Cap



Appendix 11-1.1

Contractor Cap and Hammer List



Appendix 11-2

Pile Bearing Evaluation



Appendix 11-3

Drilling Templates for Pile Analyzer



Appendix 11-4

Welding Requirements for Piling



Appendix 11-5

Blank Hammer Data Forms & Blank Pile Driving Graphs



Appendix 11-6

Example Pile Driving Graphs



Appendix 11-7

Blank Log of Piling Form



Appendix 11-8

Example Log of Piling



Appendix 11-9

Piling Layout



Appendix 11-10

Bentonite Cartoons



Appendix 11-11

Blank Drilled Shaft Field Report and Drilled Shaft Concrete Report



Appendix 11-12

Rotational Capacity Test



Appendix 11-13

Blank Rotational Capacity Forms and Example



Appendix 11-14

Turn-of Nut Procedure



Appendix 11-15

Example Calibration Sheet for SKIDMORE



Appendix 11-16

Blank Bridge Deck Evaporation Reports (E122) and Bridge Deck Observation Reports (E139)



Appendix 11-17

Relative Humidity Charts



Appendix 11-18

Reserved for Future Use



Appendix 11-19

Deck Concrete Placement Diagrams



Appendix 11-20

Single Acting Diesel Hammer Diagram



Appendix 11-21

Steel and Wood Pile Set Up Diagrams



Appendix 11-22



Log of Piling Driven (ENR)


Falsework Plans


Log of Piling Driven (Form 830210)


Samples of Log of Piling Driven (ENR)


ENR Pile Tables



Appendix 11-23

Shimming of Falsework Support Illustration



Appendix 11-24

Bridge Deck Placement Illustration



Appendix 11-25

Flowable Mortar Backfill Around Flanges Illustration



Appendix 11-26

Notification of Demolition



Appendix 11-27

Disposition of Scrap Steel