Construction Manual - Chapter 11


Chapter Descriptions
Chapter 11 Table of Contents
11.00 Introduction
11.10 Earthwork for Structures
11.20 Foundations
11.30 Bridges
11.40 Reinforcement
11.50 Concrete (Structural, Class X, and Flowable Mortar)
11.60 Decks and Overlays
11.70 Barrier Rails
11.80 Reinforced Concrete Culverts
Chapter 11 Appendices
Appendix 11-1 Weight Reporting Form
Appendix 11-1.1 Cap and Hammer List
Appendix 11-2 Pile Bearing Evaluation
Appendix 11-3 Drilling Templates for Pile and Analyzer
Appendix 11-4 Welding Requirements for Piling
Appendix 11-5.1 Blank Hammer Data Forms & Blank Pile Driving Graphs
Appendix 11-5.2
Appendix 11-5.5
Appendix 11-6.1 Example Pile Driving Graphs
Appendix 11-7 Blank Log of Piling Form
Appendix 11-8.1 Example Log of Piling
Appendix 11-8.2
Appendix 11-8.3
Appendix 11-9 Piling Layout
Appendix 11-10.1-2 Bentonite Cartoons
Appendix 11-11.1 Blank Drilled Shaft Field Report and Drilled Shaft Concrete Report
Appendix 11-11.2
Appendix 11-12 Rotational Capacity Test
Appendix 11-13.1 Blank Rotational Capacity Forms and Example
Appendix 11-13.2
Appendix 11-13.3
Appendix 11-14.1-3 Turn-of Nut Procedure
Appendix 11-15 Example Calibration Sheet for SKIDMORE
Appendix 11-16.1 Blank Bridge Deck Evaporation Reports (E122 and M122) and Bridge Deck Observation Reports (E139 and M139)
Appendix 11-16.2
Appendix 11-17 Relative Humidity Charts
Appendix 11-18 Reserved for future use
Appendix 11-19 Deck Concrete Placement Diagrams, Single Acting Diesel Hammer Diagram
Appendix 11-20 Single Acting Diesel Hammer
Appendix 11-21.1 Steel and Wood Pile Set Up Diagrams
Appendix 11-21.2
Appendix 11-21.3
Appendix 11-22.11 Falsework Plans
Appendix 11-22.3.5 Log of Piling Driven (Form 830210)
Appendix 11-22.4 Samples of Log of Piling Driven (ENR)
Appendix 11-22.6
Appendix 11-22.7
Appendix 11-22.8
Appendix 11-22.9 ENR Pile Tables
Appendix 11-23 Shimming of Falsework Support Illustration
Appendix 11-24 Bridge Deck Placement Illustration
Appendix 11-25 Flowable Mortar Backfill Around Flanges Illustration
Appendix 11-26 Notification of Demolition
Appendix 11-27 Disposition of Scrap Metal