Standard Road Plans - RF Series

RF-2 Construction of Type "C" Concrete Adaptors for Pipe Culvert Connections PDF icon
RF-3 Concrete Aprons PDF icon
RF-5 Metal Pipe Aprons and Beveled Ends PDF icon
RF-7 Corrugated Metal Type "A" Diaphragm PDF icon
RF-8 Precast Stock Pass PDF icon
RF-13 Pipe Bends and Half Pipe PDF icon
RF-14 Connected Pipe Joints PDF icon
RF-19A Subdrains for Fill or Foundation Drainage (Standard) PDF icon
RF-19B Subdrains Standard (Farm Tile Replacement) PDF icon
RF-19C Subdrains (Longitudinal) PDF icon
RF-19E Outlets for Longitudinal, Transverse and Backslope Subdrains PDF icon
RF-19F Subdrain Outlets (Standard Subdrain, Pressure Release and Special) PDF icon
RF-21 Culvert Pipe Tee Sections PDF icon
RF-26 Pipe Apron Guard PDF icon
RF-27 Beveled Pipe and Guard PDF icon
RF-29 Safety Grates for Box Culverts PDF icon
RF-30A Culvert (Bedding and Backfill) PDF icon
RF-30B Pipe Culvert (Cover and Camber) PDF icon
RF-30C Pipe Culvert (Installation Details) PDF icon
RF-31 Depth of Cover Tables for Concrete Pipe PDF icon
RF-32 Depth of Cover Tables for Corrugated Pipe PDF icon
RF-38 Intake for Bridge End Drain PDF icon
RF-39 Scour Protection for Bridge End Drain PDF icon
RF-40 Rock Flume for Bridge End Drain PDF icon
RF-42 Low Clearance Concrete Pipe Aprons PDF icon
RF-43 Metal Arch Aprons (for Corrugated Metal Pipe) PDF icon
RF-44 Metal Safety Slope Apron (6:1 Slope) PDF icon
RF-45 Slotted Drain for Median Crossovers PDF icon