Acceptance of nonshrink hydraulic cement grouts will be on the basis of approved brands and satisfactory certifications. These materials are approved for use when the plans or specifications permit their use for grouting purposes. Brand names must be identifiable on the containers. Approved brands are listed in Appendix A.


When a grout is to be used in contact with stressed tendons or other corrosion-sensitive, load-bearing structural members, the user shall make sure the material meets relevant chloride, nitrite, sulfide and sulfate requirements, and any other material limitations imposed by the applicable Iowa DOT specifications. As noted, some grouts listed on Appendix A have the acid-soluble chloride content lower than 0.08% by weight per ASTM C 1152 or AASHTO T 260.  




Prior to being placed on the list of approved brands, one or more products per manufacturer will be evaluated by the Office of Materials. The evaluation will consist of testing the grout for strength and shrinkage. Approval of products shall consist of the following:


A. Compressive Strength       ASTM C 109


Plastic State                      1 day                                             3000 psi

                                                7 days                                           5000 psi


Fluid State                         1 day                                             1000 psi

                                                7 days                                           3500 psi


B. Shrinkage


Plastic State                      ASTM C 827                                 In plastic state, the grout

                                                (The manufacturer shall               must not shrink, and the

                                                provide independent test               grout must not expand by

                                                result of C 827 for evaluation)      more than 4.0%.


Hardened State                 ASTM C 1090                               0.3%   Maximum

                                                                                                      0.0%   Minimum


When casting specimens for above tests, consistency shall meet the following requirements:


Plastic State                      ASTM C 1437                               100 - 125


Fluid State                         ASTM C 939/IM 375                     10 - 30 seconds


If the manufacturer can provide independent test results, some of the above tests may be waived.




The manufacturer shall file a certification with the Office of Materials at the beginning of each calendar year stating that the material supplied during that year is identical with the formulation previously tested and approved by the Office of Materials.




The Office of Materials may sample and test hydraulic cement grouts to verify their capability of meeting the approval requirements