Reboundable non-metallic, drum-like, channelizing devices intended to provide temporary traffic channelizing shall meet the requirements of Article 4188.02.





Approval of reboundable non-metallic drums will be based on satisfactory test results of a preliminary sample furnished to the Iowa Department of Transportation, Office of Construction and Materials, Ames, Iowa, and the test report from NTPEP. A list of approved manufactured drums based on preliminary sample results and NTPEP test report will be developed and maintained by the Office of Construction and Materials. This list appears in Appendix A.





The manufacturer shall provide the Office of Construction and Materials the following statement of certification:



                                                            Certification Statement


            This is to certify that (manufacturer name, product number) this reboundable, non-metallic, drum-like, channelizing device meets the requirements of the applicable specification of the Iowa Department of Transportation.



                                                      Authorized Date and Signature



A responsible company representative shall sign the certification statement.