The engineer will compute the weight (mass) of structural steel on the basis of the following assumptions as to density - kilograms per cubic meter (pounds per cubic foot):


                                          Steel                                  490 lb./ft.3          (7850 kg/m3)

                                          Cast Iron                           450 lb./ft.3        (7210 kg/m3)


The weight (mass) of rolled shapes and plates will be computed on the basis of their nominal weight (mass) and dimensions as shown in the contract documents, deducting for copes and cuts.


The weight (mass) of welds will be included in the computed weight (mass), assuming the weight (mass) of fillet welds to be used as follows:



                                                           WEIGHT OF WELDS*


Size of Weld                 Wt. per Foot                        Size of Weld                       Wt. per Foot

         in.                                   lb.                                        in.                                           lb.            


        1/4                                 0.16                                        1/2                                        0.64

        5/16                               0.25                                        5/8                                        1.00

        3/8                                 0.36                                        3/4                                        1.44



                                                              MASS OF WELDS*


Size of Weld              Mass per Meter                     Size of Weld                    Mass per Meter

        mm                               kg                                         mm                                         kg             


            6                                0.21                                        13                                      0.99

            8                                0.38                                        16                                      1.51

          10                                0.59                                        19                                      2.13



* The weight (mass) of welds shown is 1.5 times theoretical weight (mass).


The weight (mass) of heads, nuts, single washers, and threaded stick through of all high strength shop bolts shall be included in the computed weight (mass) on the basis of the following weight (mass):