Each coating plants shall be approved prior to bidding on projects. The coater shall provide the Central Materials Office a written request to become an approved coater of reinforcing steel. This application shall include the following:


1.    Epoxy Coating Plants shall be certified by the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) for Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating Application.


2.    Sources of steel that would be handled by the company and supplied to Iowa DOT projects.


3.    Quality control procedures that the company has established to ensure material identity (as to heat numbers and inventory control) from the time the material arrives from a mill or a source, through the coating and fabricating process, and shipment.


4.    Coating quality procedures to ensure the coated steel complies with Iowa DOT Specifications. This shall include the following:


      a.   Names of quality control personnel.

      b.   Quality control testing conducted during the bar cleaning operation.

c.    Quality control testing conducted on the epoxy coating after coating.


5.    Sample three epoxy-coated bars of every size that the coater plans to coat. These samples will be called Process Approval Samples. The bars shall be approximately 6 ft. (2 m) in length. Samples are to be secured by the District Materials Engineer for the source approval.


6.    An example of certification documents that the company will furnish for Iowa DOT projects.


7.    Copies of the last three CRSI inspection reports must be submitted for review and evaluation.


Upon satisfactory review of this application, satisfactory test results and satisfactory inspection of the facilities for compliance with quality control procedures, the company may be placed on the approved list.


Project-by-project approval basis means that for each project, the coater will contact the respective District Materials Office prior to shipping material from the plant. Project-by-project approval status may be granted for any of the following reasons:


1.    New approvals for a period of one year. If monitoring/testing during the initial period of one year is satisfactory, the project-by-project status will be removed at the end of one year.

2.    At any time deficiencies are noted that do not merit suspension or complete rescinding of approval, at the discretion of the Central Materials Office.

3.    Whenever volume or frequency of shipments from a plant to the State of Iowa are low to merit additional monitoring or testing.


Once approved, the coater shall forward a copy of their latest CRSI inspection report on a yearly basis for continual approval. Approval to coat, furnish or fabricate epoxy-coated steel on a certification basis may be withdrawn for deficient test results on verification samples, inadequate documentation or identification of materials, or deficient monitoring inspections.


MANUFACTURER                                                                            LOCATION


ABC Coating Company                                                          Minneapolis, Minnesota


ABC Coating Company*                                                        Peotone, Illinois


ABC Coating Company*                                                        Tulsa, Oklahoma


ABC Coating Company*                                                        Wyoming, Michigan


Ambassador Steel Corporation                                              Bourbonnais, Illinois


Dayton Superior                                                                      Kankakee, Illinois


Dayton Superior                                                                      Parsons, KS


Dayton Superior                                                                      Valparaiso, IN


CMC Rebar                                                                            Brighton, CO


CMC Rebar                                                                            Kankakee, Illinois


Gerdau Ameristeel                                                                  Muncie, Indiana


Gerdau-Kansas City Rebar Coating and Fabrication             Kansas City, MO


Midwest Pipe Coating, Inc.                                                     Schererville , Indiana


Simcote, Inc.                                                                           St. Paul, Minnesota


Sioux City Foundry Company                                                Sioux City, Iowa


Wady Industries                                                                      Maquoketa, Iowa


*Acceptance and approval will be based on sampling and testing on a project-by-project basis.