The Merklin utility access ring riser assembly consists of a three-piece welded steel assembly, custom made from 19 inches (483 mm) to 26 inch (66 mm) in diameter.  It can be ordered in any height from two-inches (50.8 mm) up to six inches (152 mm) with inch (6.35 mm) increments.


The Merklin utility access ring riser is made of - inch, ASTM A-36 steel, rolled to existing lid and frame dimensions, then welded together by Iowa DOT certified welders.


The ring is held in place by laying asphalt or concrete over the lip that extends around the circumference.


The ring is offered with epoxy paint coating.




         Remove the old lid.


         Clean thoroughly all surfaces touching the ring.


         Place the ring in the frame.


         Replace the lid and apply release agent to lid.


         Lay down pavement.


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