The AMP-M5 (Andrew’s Metal Products, Inc.) is an adjustable, riser ring used at a specified location where a manhole lid is to be raised to the surface of the existing pavement or to a proposed new pavement overlay surface.


·         The AMP-M5 can fit specifically the Standard DOT SW-602.


·         The AMP riser rings are made of carbon steel meeting the requirements of ASTM A-36. The inner ring is a 3/4-inch thick and outer ring is 3/4 inch thick.


·         The riser system shall be locked to the manhole frame with six 1/2 inch cone pointed set screws or cone pointed hex head bolts.


·         Manufacturer recommended height of adjustment is 6 inches. Height adjustments are available in 1/4-inch increments.


·         The outer riser ring shall have an inside diameter no greater than 3/16 inch larger than the outside diameter of the manhole lid.


·         Any required welding on the riser ring shall be performed in accordance with AWS D1.5 Bridge Welding Code and by a certified welder.


NOTE: During installation check for full bearing of the lower frame section of the existing casting. Over tightening of the adjustment device may cause uplifting of riser.


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