Manhole Ring Risers by American Highway Products


American Highway Products, County Road 99, Bolivar Industrial Park, Bolivar, OH 44612



Manhole Ring Riser Side Views




English: 1 in., 1 in., 1 in., 1 in., 2 in., and 2 in.


Metric: 25.4 mm, 31.75 mm, 38.1 mm, 44.45 mm, 50.8 mm, 57.15 mm


Description: The American Highway Product Ring Riser consists of a one-piece assembly, completely assembled and ready for installation and equipped with turnbuckle linkage pivoted at each end to provide the ultimate means to expand the manhole riser until it becomes tight all around the circumference. Full circumference engagement is needed for a reliable installation.


All skirts and linkage parts must be cadmium-plated with dichromate finish or galvanized in accordance with the requirements of ASTM A123, Grade 45. Pivot pins shall be stainless steel.




1. Remove manhole lid.

2. Remove all the material build-up on surfaces manhole riser touches.

3. Expand linkage with a Phillips screwdriver until riser is tight all around the circumference.

4. Replace manhole lid.




When the contractor is ordering, he must provide dimensions A, B, C, D and riser height as follows:



NOTE: The difference between A & B cannot be more than 1/4 in. (6.35 mm) per 1 in. (25.4 mm) lid thickness.