Standard Road Plans - RM Series

Signals and Lighting
RM-31 Location Details for Poles on Transformer Bases (Roadway Lighting) PDF icon
RM-32 Location Details for Poles on Slip Bases (Roadway Lighting) PDF icon
RM-33 Electrical Installation Details (Roadway Ducts) PDF icon
RM-34A Electrical Installation Details via Handhole (Slip-Base) PDF icon
RM-34B Electrical Installation Details (Transformer Base) PDF icon
RM-35 Control Station Details (Pole-Mounted) PDF icon
RM-36 Control Station Details (Pad-Mounted) PDF icon
RM-37 Junction Box (Cast Iron) PDF icon
RM-38 Junction Box (Fiber Reinforced Concrete) PDF icon
RM-39 Light Pole Footings PDF icon
RM-40 Cable Splices and Connectors PDF icon
RM-41 Underdeck Lighting (High-Pressure Sodium Luminaire) PDF icon
RM-42 Precast Handhole PDF icon
RM-43 Transformer Base (Cast Aluminum) PDF icon
RM-44 Lighting Tower PDF icon
RM-46 Slip-Base for Light Poles PDF icon
RM-47 Footing for Slip-Base Light Poles PDF icon
RM-48 Temporary Floodlighting PDF icon