Construction Manual - Chapter 2

Contract Administration

Chapter Descriptions
Chapter 2 Table of Contents
2.00 Project Organization
2.10 Preconstruction
2.20 Contract Administration
2.30 Construction Period
2.40 Project Review and Audits
2.50 Contractor Payments and Price Adjustments
2.60 Construction Forms
2.70 Release of Temporary Easement (Right of Way Form 636-069)
Chapter 2 Appendices
Appendix 2-1 Definitions
Appendix 2-2 "Notification of Completion of Construction" (DNR Form 37)

Appendix 2-3.1

"Registration of Minor, Nonrecurring Use of Water" (DNR Form 20) and Completed Sample
Appendix 2-3.2
Appendix 2-3.3
Appendix 2-4 Contractors' EEO/AA and Training Notice
Appendix 2-5A (English) Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law
Appendix 2-5B (Spanish)
Appendix 2-6 Notice Concerning False Statement and Records (Form FHWA 1022)
Appendix 2-7A A - Wage Rate Information (Form FHWA 1495) - English
Appendix 2-7B B - Wage Rage Information (Form FHWA 1495A) - Spanish
Appendix 2-8A A - Job Safety and Health (IOSH 70-8025)
Appendix 2-8B B - Family and Medical Leave Act (WH- 1420)
Appendix 2-8C C - Employee Polygraph Protection Act (WH- 1462)
Appendix 2-9 Reserved for Future Use
Appendix 2-10 Project Engineer's EEO Project Site Inspection/Wage Rate Report (Form 650170)
Appendix 2-11 Listing of Organizations, Agencies, Schools and Newspapers to be Used for Minority Recruitment
Appendix 2-12 Reimbursable Trainee Training Records (Form 650190)
Appendix 2-13 Training Time Schedule
Appendix 2-14.1&2 Certified Transcript of Labor Payroll/Statement of Compliance (Form 830176) and Completed Samples
Appendix 2-14.3
Appendix 2-14.4
Appendix 2-14.5
Appendix 2-15 Traffic Control Non-Compliance Flow Chart
Appendix 2-16.1&2 Subcontract Request & Approval (Form 830231)
Appendix 2-17 Statement of DBE Commitments (Form 102115)
Appendix 2-18 Reserved for Future Use
Appendix 2-19 Certification of DBE Accomplishment (Form 102116)
Appendix 2-20 Request to Lease Excess Land
Appendix 2-21 Contract Quantity Agreement (Form 830230)
Appendix 2-22 Request to Release Retained Funds
Appendix 2-23 Certification of Subcontractor Payments (Form 518002)
Appendix 2-24 Reserved for Future Use
Appendix 2-25.1 Contractor's Statement of Sales and/or Use Tax (Form 181321)
Appendix 2-26 Reserved for Future Use
Appendix 2-27 Charging of Contract Time
Appendix 2-28 Weekly Report of Working Days for Incentive/Disincentive Clause (Form 830241)
Appendix 2-29 Reserved for Future Use
Appendix 2-30 Reserved for Future Use
Appendix 2-31 Change Order Authorization Matrix
Appendix 2-32 Interest Payment Information - Primary & Interstate Projects (Form 830235)
Appendix 2-33 Noncomplying Tests or Measurements of Material Incorporated into the Project
Appendices 2-34 (A-N) Price Adjustment Schedules
Appendix 2-34A A - Aggregate Gradation Test Deviation
Appendix 2-34B B - Concrete Slump (English and Metric)
Appendix 2-34C C - Concrete Air Content, Water Cement Ratio, Vibrator Frequency, Certified Plant Inspection, & Late Curing Application
Appendix 2-34D D - Bridge Floor Resurfacing and Overlay Projects
Appendix 2-34E E - Out-of-Tolerance Tining
Appendix 2-34F F - Liquid Asphalt Noncomplying Viscosity or Penetration
Appendix 2-34G G - Asphalt Residue Deficiency
Appendix 2-34H H - Asphalt Binder (Noncomplying Dynamic Shear Rheometer)
Appendix 2-34I I - Price Adjustment for Asphalt Binder (Noncomplying Bending Beam Rheometer)
Appendix 2-34J J - Reserved for Future Use
Appendix 2-34K K - Segregation (English and Metric)
Appendix 2-34L L - Steel H-Pile Weight Deficiency
Appendix 2-34M M - Noncomplying (Asphalt Binder) Film Thickness
Appendix 2-34N N - PCC Pavement Edge Damage
Appendix 2-35 Sample Fuel Adjustment Worksheet - English
Appendix 2-36 Reserved for Future Use
Appendices 2-37.1-5 As-Built Adhesive Backed Standard Format Samples:
Appendix 2-37.1 Certification Block (Form 520003)
Appendix 2-37.2 Extra Work Order Log (Form 520004)
Appendix 2-37.3 Estimated Project Quantities (100-0) (Form 520007)
Appendix 2-37.4 Estimated Project Quantities (100-1) (Form 520008)
Appendix 2-37.5 Check List for As-Built Plan Preparation