SUDAS Standard Specifications - Division 7

Streets and Related Work
Table of Contents
Section 7010 Portland Cement Concrete Pavement
Section 7020 Hot Mix Asphalt
Section 7030 Recreational Trails, Sidewalks, and Driveways
Section 7040 Pavement Rehabilitation
Section 7050 Asphalt Stabilization
Section 7060 Bituminous Seal Coat
Section 7070 Emulsified Asphalt Slurry Seal

Figures Autocad Microstation
7010.101 Joints
7010.102 PCC Curb Details
7010.103 Manhole Boxouts in PCC Pavement
7010.104 Ramped Median Nose
7010.901 PCC Pavement Jointing
7010.902 PCC Pavement Widening
7010.903 PCC Railroad Crossing Approach
7010.904 Typical Jointing Layout
7010.905 PCC Cul-de-sac Joint Locations
7010.906 Medians
7020.201 Manhole Boxouts in HMA Pavement and HMA Overlays
7020.901 HMA Pavement
7020.902 HMA Railroad Crossing Approach

Details for Asphalt Resurfacing

7030.101 Concrete Driveway, Type A
7030.102 Concrete Driveway, Type B
7030.103 Driveway Grading
7030.104 Right-of-way Grading
7030.201 Classes of Sidewalks
7030.202 Curb Details for Class A Sidewalk
7030.203 Brick Sidewalk
7030.204 General Sidewalk Details
7030.205 Curb Ramps Outside of Intersection Radius
7030.206 Curb Ramps within Intersection Radius for Class A Sidewalk
7030.207 Curb Ramps within Intersection Radius for Class B or C Sidewalk
7040.101 Full Depth PCC Patches Less Than or Equal to 15' Long
7040.102 Full Depth PCC Patches Greater Than or Equal to 15' Long
7040.103 Full Depth HMA Patches
7040.104 Partial Depth Patches
7040.105 Flowable Mortar Cutoffwall