Standard Road Plans - RR Series

Pavement Rehabilitation
RR-1 Full-Depth Patch with "EF" joint in PCC PDF icon
RR-2 Full-Depth Patch PC Concrete Without Dowels (Existing Non-Composite Pavement) PDF icon
RR-4 Full-Depth Patch PC Concrete With Dowels (Existing Non-Composite Pavement) PDF icon
RR-18 Full-Depth Patch Continuous Reinforced PCC Pavement Composite Section PDF icon
RR-21 PCC Crack and Joint Cleaning and Sealing PDF icon
RR-23 Details for Double Reinforced Pavement over Box Culverts PDF icon
RR-24 Details for Reinforced Concrete Panel at Box Culverts PDF icon
RR-25 HMA Wedge for Superelevation PDF icon
RR-26 Subbase Patches PDF icon