Construction Manual - Chapter 6


Chapter Descriptions
Chapter 6 Table of Contents
6.00 General Grading Instructions
6.10 Site Preparation
6.20 Topsoil
6.30 Excavation
6.40 Embankment
6.50 Pipe Culverts by the Grading Contractor
6.60 Subdrains
Chapter 6 Appendices
Appendix 6-1(a) Indiana Bat Summer Habitat Documentation Form
Appendix 6-1(b) Indiana Bat Summer Habitat Procedure Guide
Appendix 6-1(c) Range of Potential Indiana Bat Habitat in Iowa
Appendix 6-2 Measurement of Feet on Sheepsfoot Rollers
Appendix 6-3(a) Settlement Plate Data (Completed Sample)
Appendix 6-3(b) Settlement Plate Data (Blank Form)