Crash Analysis

Crash mapping analysis tool (CMAT)

Crash mapping analysis tool (CMAT) is an easy to use software program that provides convenient access to Iowa crash data through a simple geographical information system (GIS) interface. CMAT and half-day training are available for free to cities, counties, state employees, consultants, researchers, and anyone else who wants to use crash data to make the roadways safer for the future. CMAT was developed by the Center for Transportation Research and Education at Iowa State University under the direction of the Iowa DOT's office of Traffic and Safety.

CMAT version

CMAT version 3.6.0 (released November 2006) is the current software version. CMAT version 3.7.0 has also been released to address a software conflict for law enforcement agencies who also use location tool or IMAT.

The 2001-2010 crash data has been available since July 2010. Users can check versions and crash data by clicking Help->About.

Features in CMAT version 3.6/3.7

  • Ten years of crash data (2001-2010)
  • Crash stacking
  • Crash info tool
  • Major cause and driver/time summary reports
  • Speed limits and traffic volumes (AADT)
  • CMAT software profile


CMAT screen shots

Screen shot of CMAT
Zoomed to an urban area with crashes selected along a corridor.
Major cause report
Single-page summary report.
Driver age and time report
One-page summary of crash times, driver ages, drug/alcohol involvement and fixed objects.
Detailed report
Provides the details of a set crashes; prints two crashes per page.
Brief report
A brief listing that describes some basic information about a set of crashes.
Stacked crashes
Crashes stacked to help identify high crash locations.
Map print
Can be printed from CMAT to show the location of the selected crashes.
Office of Traffic and Safety
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