Crash Analysis

Crash mapping analysis tool (CMAT) version check and user help

If you have the current software and data, you should see the following help screen (3.6.0 shown).CMAT Screening
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Crashes data created

Current version and data dates

CMAT software
Version 3.6.0 or 3.7.0 *

Valid CD dates
11-1-2006 or 6-27-2007 (v 3.6)
2-26-2008 or newer (v 3.7)

* Version 3.7 and 3.6 are the same, with the exception that 3.7 fixed a software conflict experienced by law enforcement agencies with Location Tool or IMAT software. Any of these CDs includes current software but will require the user to download current crash data.

For software and data updates or instructions for downloading current crash data contact, use our online request form.

Additional CMAT help

Map corrections or ommissions
In order to make the locaton of the roads match the location of the crashes, the Iowa DOT is using an older version of the roadway map that best matches the location of the crashes. If you see errors or ommissions in the base map, they may have already been fixed. If you have corrections, please contact Michael Clement in the Office of Transportation Data,,

Speed limits and volumes
When you zoom in close to the roads, two numbers will appear. These numbers are the speed limit in miles per hour and average annual daily traffic (AADT) in vehicles per day as estimated for the 2004 Iowa DOT base map. These volumes are estimated and based on a limited number of counts that were taken sometime between 2001 and 2004. For more detailed traffic volume information go to City and County AADT Maps.

Stacking severity colors
severitycolors When stacking crashes, the colors correspond to crash severity as follows. This can also be seen by turning on the crash severity filter in CMAT.

Printing and exporting
Some items such as maps, charts and reports can be exported or printed directly from CMAT in a pre-determined format. If you would like more flexibility with what gets printed, or would like to export something from CMAT into a report or presentation, the Iowa DOT recommends using "Print Screen." Additional guidance is available in exporting to
MS Word or Powerpoint (PDF).

We do not currently have a user manual for CMAT. However, instructions for several of the functions in CMAT can be found in the manual for the incident mapping analysis tool, IMAT Manual (1.9 MB).

Information about requesting CMAT training is at CMAT training.

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