Iowa Bicycle and Pedestrian Long-Range Plan


Walking and biking are proven ways to improve the quality of life for all of us, providing  healthy alternatives for people to get where they need to go. Many Iowans have embraced bicycling and walking for both recreation and daily transportation. Iowa’s extensive trails system continues to evolve and recreational events such as Iowa's RAGBRAI event each July continues to grow in popularity.

Moving forward, the Iowa DOT has made a commitment to our customers to develop a Bicycle and Pedestrian Long-Range Plan to expand opportunities and further improve conditions for bicycling and walking across the state.

This plan will build upon the Iowa DOT's long-range strategy for multimodal transportation over the next three decades, Iowa in Motion 2045. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Long-Range Plan has three key objectives:

  • Align with national best practices, including the federal transportation funding bill and national guidelines for bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.
  • Develop policies and strategies for improving bicycle and pedestrian accommodations across the state.
  • Help state and local agencies to put the plan in place by providing tools for funding and implementation.

Upon its completion, this plan will serve as the primary guide for statewide decision-making regarding bicycle and pedestrian programs and facilities, including sidewalks, trails, bike lanes, paved shoulders, and other trail elements. It will also help achieve a better level of statewide coordination and continuity for all levels of bicycle and pedestrian mobility through regional, county, and city plans and programs.

It is a primary goal of this project to get customer input during the development of the plan through public meetings, social media, and email. The initial round of public meetings was held in November 2013. Visit the Public Involvement page to learn more.

Presentations and Materials

Commission Workshop, November 14, 2017

Project updates

Following the six public meetings held in 2013 and continued coordination with stakeholders from municipal, county, regional, and statewide agencies, an in-depth analysis of existing conditions, policies, and programs was performed. Subsequent to this analysis, major policy recommendations were developed to improve the design, location, and funding of bicycle and pedestrian accommodations. These policy recommendations were then incorporated into a draft plan document. The policy recommendations and plan document are currently being reviewed and refined internally.

When the draft plan becomes available, it will be posted on the Draft Report page on this website.

For additional information, contact:

Milly Ortiz
Office of Systems Planning
Iowa Department of Transportation
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Phone: 515-233-7733
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