SUBMITTED BY:  Gene R. Mills



Remove Iowa 985 in Woodbury County as follows:


Sioux City


Commencing on Gordon Drive at the Combination Bridge inter­change; thence via the Interchange to Bridge Way; thence northeasterly on Bridge Way to Wesley Way; thence northerly on Wesley Way to Perry Street; thence northeasterly on Perry Street to 7th Street; thence northwesterly on 7th Street to Otoe Street; thence northeasterly on Otoe Street to Hamilton Street at West 14th Street; thence northerly on Hamilton Street to Dearborn Boulevard and Valley Drive; thence easterly and north­easterly on Dearborn Boulevard to Perry Creek Crossing near 36th Street; thence northerly, northeasterly, and northerly on unnamed street to Grandview Boulevard near 39th Street; thence northerly on Grandview Boulevard to Perry Creek Road at 40th Street; thence northeasterly on Perry Creek Road to the north corporation line.


NOW, THEREFORE: Be it resolved that the Iowa State Highway Commission approve the removal of the extension of Iowa 985 in Woodbury County, Iowa.


NOTE: To became effective upon adoption of this resolution‑in accord with Urban Policy Number 2601 and Iowa State Highway Commission agreement number 71‑A‑007 dated March 3, 1971.


Iowa 985 was originally Iowa 7 in 1969.