OFFICE: Transportation Inventory


SUBMITTED BY: Peggi Knight

SUBMITTAL DATE: 06-12-2002


TITLE: Official Description Addition: Iowa 27 (Avenue of the Saints) in Washington County




New Description - Iowa 27 (Avenue of the Saints) and its extensions in Washington County:


Beginning on the Washington-Henry County Line at a point approximately 400 feet east of the SW Corner Section 34-T74N-R6W, Washington County, (NW Corner Section 3-T73N-R6W, Henry County); thence in a northeasterly and northerly direction through Sections 34, 27, 22, 15 and 10-T74N-R6W to approximately the N Corner SE of Section 10; thence northwesterly through Sections 10 and 3 to NW of Section 3; thence northerly through Section 3-T74N-R6W and Sections 34, 27 and 22-T75N-R6W to the junction of Iowa 92; thence northerly and northwesterly through Sections 22, 15, 10 and 9-T75N-R6W to approximately the N Corner Section 9-T75N-R6W; thence northerly through the center of Section 4-T75N-R6W and Sections 33, 28, 21, 16, 9 and 4-T76N-R6W and Sections 33, 28, 21, 16 and 9-T77N-R6W to a point near the center of Section 9-T77N-R6W (junction Iowa 22); thence northerly through Sections 9 and 4-T77N-R6W to the Washington-Johnson County line at a point near the N Corner Section 4-T77N-R6W, Washington County (S Corner Section 33-T78N-R6W, Johnson County).




It is recommended to approve adding the description of Iowa 27 (Avenue of the Saints) in Washington County to the Primary Road System.