ROUTE: Iowa 330

SUBMITTED BY: District One and Office of Traffic and Safety

APPROVED BY: Stuart Anderson, John Adam

UPDATED BY: Cheryl Cowie

APPROVAL DATE: 07/17/2012



DISCUSSION/BACKGROUND: Due to an approved request from District One and the City of Marshalltown, IA330 has now been extended and the official description should be updated to reflect this change. The new description should be officially included into the Primary Road System.


New Description IA330 and its extensions in Polk County described as follows:




Beginning at the junction of US 6/Hubbell Avenue/US 65/I-80; running concurrently with US65 northwesterly on US 65 to the east corporation line/west corporation line of Bondurant (approximately 730 feet south of the NW Corner of Section 12-T79N-R23W).




Beginning on the west corporation line (approximately 730 feet south of the NW Corner of Section 12-T79N-R23W), connecting with Hubbell Avenue (US65); thence northeasterly on Hubbell Avenue (US 65) to the east corporation line (a point near the Center SW of Section 29-T80N-R22W).


Beginning again on the east corporation line of Bondurant (a point near the Center SW of Section 29-T80N-R22W), connecting with Hubbell Avenue (US 65); thence northeasterly through Sections 29, 28, 21, 16, 15, 10, 11, 2, and 1-T80N-R22W to a point approximately 2290 feet north and 1080 feet east of the SW Corner of Section 1-T80N-R22W; thence northerly and northeasterly to the Polk-Jasper County Line at a point near the E Corner of Section 36-T81N-R22W, Polk County (W Corner of Section 31-T81N-R21W, Jasper County).