OFFICE:  Transportation Data

EFFECTIVE DATE: 07-01-2003

ENTERED BY:  Stefani Wonders

ENTERED DATE: 08-23-2006




Senate File 451 transferred Iowa 921 in its entirety, in Johnson County, to city and county jurisdiction on July 1, 2003.







OFFICE:  Transportation Inventory


SUBMITTED BY:  Patrick R. Cain





US 218 has been relocated from the Johnson‑Washington County Line northerly and northwesterly to a junction with Interstate 380.  The final segment from the Indian Hills Interchange northwesterly to a junction with Interstate 380 was opened to traffic on June 26, 1985 and was functionally classified under the State Functional Classification System on November 25, 1986.  The new connection from the Indian Hills Interchange easterly to a junction with old US 218 (opened to traffic on October 14, 1983) and the old alignment of US 218 from a junction with the Indian Hills connection east and north to a junction with US 6 and Iowa 1 in Iowa City should be designated as Unsigned Iowa 921 and the description included in the Primary Road System to reflect this re-designation.


Unsigned Iowa 921 begins at a junction with relocated US 218 approximately one (1) mile south of Iowa City and travels east and north to a junction with US 6 and Iowa 1 in Iowa City.




It is recommended to approve adding the description of Unsigned Iowa 921 in Johnson County to the Primary Road System.


New Description ‑ Unsigned Iowa 921 and its extension in Johnson County described as follows:


Beginning at a junction with US 218 in the south part of Section 28‑T79N‑R6W; thence east and north through Sections 28 and 21‑T79N‑R6W to the south corporation line of Iowa City connecting with an unnamed street.


Iowa City:


Beginning again on an unnamed street at the south corporation line; then northeasterly and northerly on said unnamed street to a junction with US 6 and Iowa 1.