• Women's Head

    U.S. 20 bridge awards

    The U.S. 20 bridge team received important national recognition for their innovative work on the project.

  • Women's Head

    Lincoln Highway concrete markers

    In 1928, the Boy Scouts of America placed concrete markers along the Lincoln Highway to honor Abraham Lincoln.

  • Woman's Head

    "Woman's Head" (1976)

    An Ames icon first took shape in 1976, on the northeast corner of the Iowa DOT’s complex. In 1998 and 1999, it was transformed into a more durable material. Learn how the Iowa DOT became home to Ames’ most famous public art work: “Woman’s Head.”

  • Women's Head

    High Trestle Trail Bridge

    Building a bridge that gets bikers, joggers, walkers, and even strollers across the Des Moines River would have been enough for some, but the ambitious committee members wanted the High Trestle Trail Bridge to stand out on a national level.